Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Mountain Expeditions!

We had a fun adventure on Saturday out in the mountains around Rifle.

This is Chris and a bear skull... a really big bear skull!

And a bear leg and claw...

So, I know I talk about wanting snow... but the fact of the matter is, we NEED snow.  The below picture should be a little pond... but its not.

Lloyd loves to chase snowballs...

What a jumper!!!

"Please throw another one, Mama!"

Here is a video of Lloyd jumping to catch the snowballs.
He is so much fun!

Can we play with snow some more?

We needed chains at one point...

We also saw a lot of different tracks... elk, moose, dog, hubby, snowshoe hair, fox...

See the sign growing into the tree... or the tree growing around the sign?

My hubby surprised me when we got home by making me my favorite kind of pizza from Old Chicago!  I haven't had it in MONTHS and we've never successfully made one at home... we've tried... but this dinner was DELICIOUS!

The Thai-Pie pizza from Old Chicago... Miller Version!

 How was your Saturday?

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