Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Randoms

Today is the last day of 2012 and I am not ready for it to be blog-wise.  One the last day of 2012, I would think I should do a year-in-review, or year-in-pictures or something... but I'm not ready for a post like that.

Chris and I arrived in Michigan Friday night after stopping by to see my Aunt and Uncle in Indiana.  It was so great to see them and the visit was WAAAAY too short...

Aunt Pat and Uncle Marshal

We had a great visit
Whenever Chris and I arrive in Michigan with Lexie and Lloyd, I feel like the circus descends on my parents tranquil bubble of life together.  This was never more true than Saturday early-afternoon -- less than 15 hours since we pulled in the driveway when Lloyd had injured his paw and I was sick with a horrible stomach bug.  We were basically performing surgery on Lloyd's toenail while I was throwing-up and succumbing to the illness.  It was more excitement than my parents house had seen since... well, since the last time we visited.

Lloyd with his bandaged-foot, and me with the stomach bug
Chris has specifically asked that when Lloyd and I each get a serious ailment again in the future, could we please space them out, even by a few hours?  He was running around like crazy trying to take care of each of us and we were SO grateful to be at my parents' where we had two extra people to help take care of us.

Our Michigan plans turned up-side down when I got sick and we had to miss church yesterday morning, and we had to cancel our big Christmas dinner with family last night (half of the family who was coming over have the stomach bug as well).  I seem to be through the worst of the stomach bug and we're hoping to do our "Christmas morning" celebration this morning and then maybe a New Year's Eve celebration tonight.  The New Year's Eve celebration was supposed to be a night on the town... but depending on how I'm feeling, it might just be a toast in our family room.

We have plenty of football to look forward to in the next 48 hours.
Go Purdue!
Go Northwestern!
Go Nebraska!
Go Wisconsin!

Happy New Year!

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