Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18th - Wonderful Day!

December 18th is a wonderful day!

Three years ago, Chris and I had our first date...

Two years ago, Chris asked me to marry him...

December 18th is a wonderful, wonderful day!

I don't have any pictures of our first date... but I have pictures of about ten days after our first date... have we changed much?

So, Chris used to shave his head... he was voluntarily bald when we met.  Luckily, in no time, Chris decided to let me see him with hair, and he hasn't shaved his head since.

I think he looks SOOO handsome with hair... but I don't think I would appreciate his wonderful, thick, handsome hair nearly as much if he hadn't been bald when we met:

 We had so much fun on our first date.  My toast at our rehearsal dinner, and Chris' toast at our wedding entirely focused on special moments and memories from our first date.  Here are a few:
  • We saw a local play for free BAREFOOT IN THE PARK by the Eagle County Porchlight Players
  • We ended up going to help a high school girl who I had gotten to know through our church's youth group; we spent time with the high schooler and tried to get a toddler to sleep
  • We went for a drive into the mountains and nearly slid off the side of the snowy mountainside... you've heard of a 3-point turn... Chris made about a 37-point turn to get us down the mountain
  • I complimented Chris on his nice truck and he told me that he specifically was thinking about car-seats when he opted for the 4-door option :-D
  • The next day, we went to lunch... so not officially our first day, but in our first 24 hours of knowing each other, Chris prayed over our meal and he said, "Lord, we give You all the glory for what You're going to do."... I remembering thinking as Chris was praying.. "WHOA!  Does this guy know something I don't know?  What's God going to do?"
One year later, this wonderful man was proposing to me!

Chris surprised me on Riva Ridge on Vail Mountain while we were skiing, and got down on his knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, and told me that he had my parents' blessing to ask me, and he asked me to marry him.

What did I say?  "DON'T DROP IT!!!!"
I have seen entire skies get lost on Vail mountain in a snowstorm... and when he opened a jewelry box, there was 12" of fresh snow under our skies.
I eventually managed to say, "Yes!" and the ring safely made it from the box to my finger without falling into the snow. 

The first people we told we were engaged was the staff at Lodge Tower, where we changed and showered in the spa before beginning our drive to St. Louis for Christmas.
We called our parents from the road.

And I took about 100 pictures of my hand with my new engagement ring on the drive.

For a FULL account of our engagement story, you can read every little detail here.

Happy December 18th!

Lord, We give You all the glory for what You're going to do... and what You've done!

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

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