Friday, April 1, 2016

Photos of Spring Break

For Spring Break this year Hubby and I decided to take our crew to Michigan and St. Louis -- for a lot of reasons including but not limited to the following:
  • To help my parents with a big project
  • To introduce Chris' grandparents to their twin great grandchildren
  • To meet our new nephew
  • To learn what it is like to travel as a family of five before we do it this summer
We had such a great crazy time with my parents, seeing friends in Michigan, and seeing family in St. Louis.  Here are some pictures of our fun travels (warning... coming up are way too many pictures):
On the road... all children accounted for

"Hello, its Tracey!"

Headed to the pool in Des Moines

Date night in Michigan at my high school musical thanks to my parents baby-sitting

Papa the baby-sitter

 Grammy and Howard

 Family friend came over one night for dinner so there were lots of hands to hold babies

 This is priceless

 Family friends

Dinner in the dining room

 Aunt Ginger and Uncle Bill with the twins -- Tracey did not want to be in the picture

 Grammie and Papa with Howard and Caroline -- again, Tracey Ann had no interest in participating

 I wish I had known that Caroline's headband looked so weird

 A check up for Papa by Dr. Tracey

 Daddy, can we take them home?

 A special friend with the twins

 Tracey enjoyed the baby toys

 ... and her special Easter Princess Elsa shoes

 This was my baby-sitter as a baby/toddler and she helped us out by watching my kiddos for a few hours -- how cool that we've come full circle and she was able to watch my kiddos.

 Fun with friend Ellery and Sullivan

 The Selbigs are friends of ours from Colorado who now live in Michigan less than a mile from my parents so we love getting together with them and their kiddos when visit my parents. 

 Howard and Caroline enjoying the play-date

 Mrs. Selbig, Ellery and Sullivan

 Gifts from friend to the twins -- Lake Michigan Unsalted

 Umbrella fun

 We were first on the scene of a car accident (and car fire) around the Chicago area on our way to St. Louis.  Thank goodness no one was hurt.

Tummy time at Memaw and Peepaw's new house

 Within hours of our arrival, we had a new nephew/cousin, Judah

 And we dressed up to meet our new cousin

 And dressed up to visit (and the twins meet) Great Grandpa Miller

 Four Generations of Millers

 Great Grandpa and Caroline

 Great Aunt Ruth and our twins

 Uncle Daniel and twins

 Cousins playing together

 Uncle Daniel, Aunt Becky (Chris' sister), their three kiddos, Hubby, and I and our three kiddos -- six kids ages 2-and-a-half and under

 Six cousins: Tracey (2), Zivah (2), Mayah (1), 
Caroline (12 weeks), Judah (1 day), Howard (12 weeks)

 Building with Aunt Sharon

 Aunt Sharon and Aunt Nancy and our crew

 Is it SWIM TIME?!?!

 Really... the pool was too cold to swim with these guys, but the sure looked cute

 The pool wasn't too cold for our little fish, Tracey, though

 Easter Sunday ready to head to church

 "In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it..."

"You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade."

 "I"ll be all in clover and when they look you over, I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter Parade."

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