Saturday, April 9, 2016

Playing Together

I never grew up with a sibling... I never had that day to day camaraderie that children have when they are siblings together every single day, for better, for worse, for always, they are siblings.

I have loved watching that camaraderie begin to develop in my children, even at these very young ages.

Tracey Ann was never a "baby doll" little girl before our twins were born.  We kept trying to introduce dolls, but she was only interested in animals.

That tells me that her consistent desire to interact with her brother and sister stem for a desire to be their friend and sister, and not necessarily from a love of "babies" per se.

There are times she tells me "Baby down," "Owlard down," "Airoline down," when she  wants the babies out of my arms... but most of the time she creates a way to interact with them.  Sometimes I encourage her to do something with them, but most of the time, she creates her own ways to play with them.

Also, Caroline has begun to notice and smile at Howard.  He doesn't seem to look at her with the same excitement yet... but it is so much fun to see this twin interaction develop.

I have to say, one of my favorite thing as a mother is watching them play together, and I get such joy knowing this is only the beginning:

 "I tummy too!"

"Look Owlard!"


"Look babies, toy!"

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