Thursday, April 7, 2016

Does This Count?

I never met my grandmother because she died when my mom was sixteen, but there are a few words of advice and recommendations that I know she lived by, and, after years of hearing my mom repeat them, I have managed to remember them.

One is to have an even number of children -- the verdict is still out on that.  At the moment, I am not following her advice.

Another is to never return an empty dish.  When someone brings you a meal, you always fill the dish that you return...

Does this count?

I am horrible about returning empty dishes -- in that I'd say 95% of the dishes I return are empty -- they are clean, but empty.  Having twins did not improve my percentage.  But, a friend and her daughter were enjoying the Little House On The Prairie books, and so I recommended Caddie Woodlawn and my friend liked the sound of it.

Since I own that book, I included it for them to borrow in the empty dish... thus making the dish no longer empty.

Does this count, Grandma Jacobs?

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