Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Just For Fun

Just for fun copied from a friend's blog: 

Girl's Fess Up Challenge

Bath or shower?
Depends on the day -- bath when time permits, shower most of the time 

Straight or curly hair? As straight as can be -- the ends hold a curl pretty well, but it is naturally straighter than sticks

 Favorite movie? The Sound of Music, Gone With the Wind, Steel Magnolias 

 Favorite holiday? Christmas 

Android or iPhone? Iphone 

Texting or call? Call -- or old fashioned snail mail letters -- remember with stamps and everything? 

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

 Favorite type of food? Chinese, American, Southern, Italian

 Dream job? Mother and Homemaker... and getting paid for it (My ideal job would be to by a full time stay-at-home-mom... but since it's my DREAM job... I think I should be paid for it.

 Favorite pizza? Extra cheese, green pepper, onions from Papa Johns

 Favorite cake? Carrot or Red Velvet

Talking or fighting? Are these opposites... definitely talking... is fighting really the alternative to talking.  Wouldn't the alternative to talking be not-talking, or silent treatment? 

Night or day? Day, I think... unless you mean like night-owl or morning person.  Then, I would say night-owl.  Sorry, I'm overthinking these questions. 

Summer or winter? ALL SEASONS!  I always love the season I'm currently in, and I'm excited about the one to come.  Currently, I love Spring, and I'm getting excited about Summer... but I will be equally in love with Autumn and Winter when they arrive. 

Wine or whiskey? Wine... or Diet Coke 

Makeup or no makeup? Always makeup... and by makeup I mean mascara... just mascara.  My daily makeup is mascara, and my dressed up makeup is mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick.

Favorite TV show? Currently, Counting On (the Duggar Girls), or The Willis Family... of all time... maybe The Office or Gilmore Girls or I Love Lucy

 Hair up or down? Half-down-ish with a clip so it's out of my face... although I'm learning that a bun is very functional for staying home with the little ones

Jeans or leggings? Skirts

 Painted or none painted nails? Non-painted... an average of 360 days a year non-painted

 Favorite color? Purple with green as a runner-up... and purple and green as a great combination 

T-shirt or dress shirt? Dress shirt

 Flip flops or sneakers? Chacos

 Big purse or small? Diaper bag 

How many tattoos? Wouldn't you like to know... 

How many piercings? One in each earlobe 

Diamonds or pearls? Both... diamonds on my fingers and ears, pearls around my neck and/or ears 

Favorite animal? Little humans

 Rap or country music? Country

 Sports or couch? Both... I love playing sports although I don't get much opportunity during this season of life... so I like watching Sports on the Couch... see what I did there? :-D

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