Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Treasuring the Present: Current Ages

I used to post almost every Tuesday a theme called "Treasuring the Present" and I'd like to pick that up again... as much as I can remember when its Tuesday.

Today, I am treasuring my children's current ages.

Yes, it is... ummm... tricky to have two three-month old babies and one two-year-and-two-month toddler.  There are moments of crazy, moments of crying, moments of chaos, moments of my hitting my limit, and more.

But, I realized yesterday, that I really love their current ages.

My three-month-olds are so much fun... but they are still immobile.  I can but them in the middle of a big bed, playing with a mobile, or laying against a boppy... and (I know you can never be too careful with infants... but) they will, with 99.99% accuracy, still be in the middle of the bed if I have to turn my back for a minute.  When I have to run after their ever-in-motion toddler sister, the twins stay put... usually quite contentedly until I come back.  I have no doubt, I am going to miss that in a few months.

As much as my very mobile, tall, climbing, running, jumping toddler keeps me in constant motion and frequent worry, I am treasuring her age.  She is the sweetest little girl.  She absolutely adores her Mama and Daddy and is very fond of her brother and sister.  She has her hard moments, but she really does aim to please most of the time.  She and I were unpacking some boxes yesterday (yes, all these months later, I've gotten back to the "moving in" project...) and I was very glad she is only just two.  We came upon some items that I would not have wanted to explain to an older child -- and I didn't have to.  She was excited that we found a dime, a paperclip, and markers and ignored everything else... oh, except the empty box once I had unpacked it.

When I dreamed of being a mom, I never thought about raising teenages, or driving my elementary school kids to soccer practice and then piano lessons -- although those will be wonderful stages.  I dreamed of little ones clinging to my legs and wanting to be held.  I dreamed of never having quite enough hands... or arms... or lap space.

I dreamed of baby cuddles, and toddler snuggles, and tickle fights, and playtime in the bath tub, and deciphering toddler talk, and spending every hour of every day with my favorite little people in the world -- my children, which is exactly what I'm doing right now, so I need to remember to treasure it.

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