Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Treasuring the Present: Hugging v. Holding

The other day I wanted to hug one of the babies -- either Howard or Caroline and I couldn't.  They are not even 4 months old -- they don't hug back.  I can hold both of the twins, but I cannot really hug them.

Tracey has just begun giving really good hugs.  I think a part of it is that when the twins were born, she started wanting to having some cuddle time.  Before she had two younger siblings, she could crawl into our arms any time -- with two new babies, she had to specifically ask for cuddle time when she wanted it, which she does.  Hubby has started doing a bit with her where he says, "I'm going to give you... a BIG... GIANT... HUG," in a big monster voice.  She has started hugging back and actually giving big giant hugs back.

When I realized that Howard and Caroline cannot hug me back yet... and Tracey has just started really hugging us back it made me realize how precious each of these stages are.  Right now, I can pick up Howard and/or Caroline any time and just hold them.  It will not be long before both of them want to be down on their own -- crawling, climbing, standing, walking, running...  Right now I get to hold them and it is amazing.  On days when I am at work, or on days when one sleeps more than usual, my arms ache to hold each one.

Tracey, on the other hand, is rarely held.  She is carried, she is lifted, she is tickled, she is hugged -- she is no longer held.  I love feeling her little arms around my neck as she has learned and is learning how to hug... but she is not a baby anymore.  I do not get to hold her the way I hold Howard and Caroline.

I feel very fortunate that currently, I have one baby to hug, and two babies to hold.

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