Thursday, March 31, 2016


It is not uncommon for people to ask me how we are doing with our little family of adorable dependents.

Depending on the day, I usually say something like, "We're really doing well," or "We're a little tired, but mostly doing well."

Well, its taken me almost three months to determine, but my response should be one word -- slowly.

"How are you doing?"


At this point in postpartum life, we are doing almost everything for ourselves (our last meal from the church will be delivered tonight -- which has been such an amazing blessing twice a week for February and March -- so then we REALLY will be doing EVERYTHING on our own for awhile).  We are caring for our kiddos, we make it to preschool, dance class, play dates, and on walks, we do our laundry, we care for our animals, we keep the house (sort of) tidy, do the dishes, and more... but we do it all VERY SLOWLY.

Sure, we have the fast moments where Tracey Ann grabs my full cup of coffee and I make a mad dash to try to grab it before it goes all over my computer, our bedroom dresser and floor (luckily, I never get to my coffee while its still hot, so I didn't have to worry about it burning her).  Or, my frantic sprint when Tracey decided to drop a baby doll into the pack and play (so the baby can take a nap) -- where her two siblings are already sound asleep and they probably would not stay sound asleep if a large plastic baby doll landed on their heads.  But, with those very fast exceptions aside, we live life slowly.

We decided to go see our families for Spring Break -- I'm not really sure why, but we are glad we went -- and I am still not fully unpacked nor is all the laundry done from the trip.

I unpack every day... and I do laundry every day... and yet four days later, the task is not yet complete.  The process of going anywhere -- it happens slowly.  A few weeks ago I looked at the clock and decided to plan our departure around Tracey's nap and leave our house 30 minutes before I thought I should leave to be on time, so that Tracey could have a 30 minute nap before the appointment.  Leaving 30 minutes before I planned to leave, I was 2 minutes early to the appointment.  If I had left when I thought I should leave, we would have been so late, we would have missed the appointment.

We really are doing well, and Hubby and I have often said that we just really love our life right now -- toddler and babies and responsibilities and sleeplessness and chaos and all.  But, as well as we're doing... we're doing things slowly.

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