Friday, March 11, 2016

10 On 10

That's right!!!  Oh Yeah!!!  Nailed it!!!

I ACTUALLY DID 10 pictures on the 10th of the month!  That is HUGE for me, as I've been trying to remember to record my 10 on 10 for MONTHS -- literally probably six months.

So... here are my 10 on 10. 

Sometimes its just easier to surrender my bed and decide to get up for the day... which is what I did this morning at 4:30am.  They got the bed, I got a shower.

I am usually not one for coffee... but since the twins were born, I have learned the value of a full coffee pot to start the day...

It's 7:28am and two daughters and one son packed into the van ready to take Tracey Ann to preschool.

I am in love with the picture the school took for inside her cubby.

Just chilling, Mama.

A woman from our church brought us a meal today and stayed around for a few hours to help hold babies while I got some chores done.  It was such a beautiful day, so I took that opportunity to walk to get the mail with Lloyd and Tracey while she stayed with the twins. In this picture, Tracey was playing with her shadow on the walk.

... And then she insisted that she tkae my keys and get the mail.

Hubby and I both noticed the picture from my timehop... we can't believe the first picture was two years ago, and the second picture was one year ago -- a lot has changed.

At least one is napping

This is the, "I want more milk, please mama," face.

Drying off her baby doll after Tracey (and the baby doll had a bath.)

I hit 10,000 steps around 8:30pm.

This is what everyone's clean laundry looks like for days, right?

... A welcomed sight at the end of the day.

 Yeah... those were more than ten pictures.  I'm sorry, my days are just really exciting.

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