Sunday, March 13, 2016


So, like most houses (or at least that is what I tell myself), our hardwood stairs collect dust and dog and cat hair so that some clumps of hair and dust becomes visible every few days along the back of each step.

Well, Tracey has now decided that those clumps of dust and hair are spiders.  She will cry, "SPIDERS" and sometimes refuse to climb the stairs by herself.

Now we've given her a spatual and encourage her to "Get the spiders" and she can whack the dust/hair clusters and get the spiders.

The thing is, she often will yell, "Spiders" when people have come over to drop off a meal or see the babies.  So, I have to explain to these guests that no, there are not spiders, our house just hasn't been vacuumed lately and the dog and cat hair that is collecting on the steps is what my daughter calls, "Spiders."

Thank you, Tracey, for calling those clumps of hair and dust to everyone's attention.

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