Saturday, March 12, 2016

Aunt Tracey

Happy Birthday to my Sister Tracey.

You would have been 53 today.

And you would have loved being Aunt Tracey... and my children would have loved having you for an Aunt.

 I used to spend your birthday doing something special -- something out of the ordinary to mark your special day, the day you entered the world, the day you would have been another year older.

With one toddler and twin babies, I don't think I can do anything extraordinary today... but I can love my babies.  I can love my husband.  I can cherish every day I have on this earth a little better because its a day I've been given.

Life is so precious and every day is so very beautiful.

Thank you for those lessons, and trust that I am trying to take very good care of your two nieces and one nephew that are my children.

I miss you, Trace.

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