Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The twins are two months old today... and I'm pretty sure when Tracey Ann turned to two months old, I felt like the time had flown by.  I do not feel that way with the twins turning two months.

I know I will blink and the newborn stage is over -- in fact, the newborn stage for our twins is already over, but the truth is every week our twins are able to do more and more -- and they are easier and easier to care for.

The truth is, as fun and sweet as newborns are, each week that the twins grow and are older, the more fun they are.

They are two months old today, and it does not feel like yesterday that they were born -- it feels like approximately two months ago.  :-D

But, in the past month they have grown and developed SO much, and I feel like I have grown and developed so much as their mom.  Every day they are able to do more, which means every day, I am able to do more with them -- we really are a team in this, and every day they continue to be team players, I am able to do my job better and better and enjoy motherhood to my three blessings more and more.

This month... in fact, this week, I have been able to be braver and braver with the twins taking them places other than our friend's living room in Carbondale while Tracey Ann goes to preschool.

Just this week, I took my first walk with all three kids, I attended my first play date with all three kids, and I took all three kids to visit Daddy at the middle school. 

The walk involved Howard in the Moby wrap, Caroline in the pram, Tracey Ann in the stroller seat, and Lloyd walking with us.

The play date involved two moms plus myself and all of us have one toddler and twins.  We had three moms, and nine children, the oldest of whom just turned three.  It was SO much fun -- seriously.

And visiting Daddy at school involved about 15 minutes of chaos... but we survived.

Every day with Howard and Caroline (and Tracey Ann) they grow more and become easier to handle, and every day I learn more about them, become better at caring for them, and become braver in what we are able to do together.

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