Friday, June 5, 2015

The Silver Lining

Our sweet baby girl got stung by a big ole bumblebee yesterday -- twice.  :-(

It was horrible to hear her burst out screaming with immediate tears, and Hubby and I had no idea what had happened.  We had just checked in to a hotel room, and a bumblebee was on the bedspread.  Frankly, we weren't exactly on the lookout for bumblebees upon arriving in the room... but one stung Tracey Ann immediately (we had been in the room less than one minute -- I was opening the blinds to look at the view).

The bumblebee stung her twice on her abdomen through her dress and undershirt.

Here is the monster bee post-stings

When she started screaming, we picked her up to try to figure out what had happened, and that's when I noticed the huge bumblebee on the carpet.  Then, we had no idea where she had been stung -- maybe her hands or her legs.  Finally we stripped off all of her clothes and then saw the two huge welts on her torso.

Our poor baby with her big welts

Frankly, Tracey Ann recovered much faster than Chris and I did.  Her tears were pretty much dry within five minutes.  Chris and I, meanwhile, spent the next hour on the phone with my dad and his sister (our two family doctors), running down to the front desk to request baking soda, searching high and low for the stinger, and monitoring her for the rest of the night for an allergic reaction (because it was her first time being stung).

Tracey Ann was her happy, silly, giggly self within ten minutes.

Fun in the kitchen sink after we recovered... or rather, after she recovered and while Hubby and I were still finding our bearings.

The silver lining is that we learned she is not allergic to bee stings.  We, of course, know that she could develop an allergy later in life... but, she is not severely and currently allergic to bee stings.

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