Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lesson Learned

So, I have figured out why my signature at the bottom of each blog post has gone missing and now has been a replaced with a "photo not found" picture.

Almost seven years ago now, I paid a woman to make some decorative changes to my blog.  The blog was called The Mountain Brooke at the time and she designed a beautiful header, and some other things along with my signature "God's Love and Mine, Brooke".

A few years later, I hired a different woman to create the header for the new blog as it became The Mountain Millers.  It has been on my list for a few years that I'd like to update our header at some point to include Tracey Ann... but it just hasn't happened.  Even though I made changes to the blog, I still maintained the header that the previous woman had created for me because I really liked it, and didn't see a reason to change it.

Well, apparently that woman doesn't do blog design any more, and the signature was set though a link of her photobucket album.  I never copied the image to my own computer and set it up as my own signature, because it never crossed my mind -- it worked fine every day for nearly seven years.  Well, apparently since this woman no longer does blog design, she deleted her album on photobucket, thus deleting my signature as well.

Now I am stuck with an ugly "No Photo Found" until I can find the time to create another signature for myself, or hire someone to create one for me.

Lesson learned, though -- the next time I hire someone to spruce up on my blog, I am copying all images to my own computer so they will not disappear because some deletes a random online photo album because they no longer do blog design.

image signature

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