Monday, June 29, 2015

My Old Bed

I recently saw a news report that said more and more spouses in America are living with "sleep divorce" meaning that they sleep in different rooms.  Perhaps one spouse snores, or tosses and turns... whatever the reason, more and more spouses are having happy marriages, but sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Well, I have shared on this blog before that Hubby and I do not sleep well when we do not sleep together.  If one of us is out of town, or working late the other one does not sleep well, to quote Barbara Mandrell, "sleeping single in a double bed."

I have now been home for over a week, and honestly, I have found an exception to not sleeping well without my husband -- my old childhood bed.

The bed in my room at my parents house has been where I've slept from age two, when I outgrew my crib, to age twenty-seven, when I married Chris and was moved to sleeping in the guestroom with my husband.  So, for twenty-five years I slept in my old bed... and all of those years, I slept alone!

The only reason I am sleeping in my old bed now is because Chris isn't here yet, and my old room is closer to the nursery.  Plus my parents are having a party in a few days, and the guest room is being used for some party preparations.

For my entire life, I have never slept with anyone in my old bed... except the occasional slumber party guest when I was a kid, and so, now, as a married woman, it feels no different -- this is a bed where I sleep alone.

It has been very nice to get so much sleep during this week away from my husband whereas if I was in the guestroom, I would have tossed and turned without him every night.

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