Saturday, June 6, 2015


Currently I'm...

Loving:  The moments when Tracey Ann is such a grown up sweetheart.  There are sporadic times throughout the day when she gives her stuffed animals a sip of her water, and she brings her shoes to Mama instead of throwing them in the garbage.  There are times she says "Papa" and then just laughs and laughs when we talk to Grammie and Papa on facetime, and even blows them kisses goodbye.  I am loving her sweet toddler nature, when she is a sweet little toddler.

Reading/Watching:  Some movies this weekend because we're up in Vail, and I'm just not used to watching commercials... so that fact that to watch television involves commercials has me playing a few dvds instead.

Trying to:  Make a plan for getting summer work done while still enjoying every precious day with my baby and husband and not beating myself up for enjoying these wonderful days with them, not getting work done.

Wishing:  I had a little more energy -- I'm just pretty drained these days.

Excited for:  Two of my good friends from graduate school to get here -- they arrive tomorrow.  They are guy-friends, and were ushers in our wedding, except one was in absentia because he was deployed overseas. Now he is back in America for the first time in about seven years, and he and our other friend are coming out here for over a week.  It should be a great time.

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