Saturday, June 27, 2015

Proud To Be An American

Yesterday the Supreme Court made a very big decision... and decision very popular among my generation regarding same sex marriage.  Although I try to steer clear of political topics on this blog, I am going to go ahead and share that I do not agree with the Supreme Court's decision.  It is my right, as an American, to have an opinion that differs from my political leaders and my policy makers, and it is my right and freedom to say so in this blog.

Just because I disagree with a political decision from Washington, however, does not mean that I have the right to verbally attack the side that won, or call them names, or claim that they are wrong.  I am happy for them as they celebrate something they've wanted for many years.  This does not mean that I support the decision... but I can be happy for them at the same time I, personally, disagree with the court's decision.  I also, very much disagree and disapprove of those who agree with my stance on this issue, but engage in name-calling, personal attacks and other slanderous behavior toward those who support the decision.

Why has my generation decided that just because someone disagrees with me, that person is not entitled to share their opinion?  Why has my generation decided that we do not "Agree to disagree"?  Why has my generation decided that when two sides disagree, we should not discuss the merits of the issue, but instead personally attack the people who hold the opinion with which we disagree?  We are the land of the free, but my generation seems to think we are not free to disagree.

Last night, as I was writing this post, I was sad.  NOT BECAUSE OF A COURT RULING... but because I was reading facebook status after facebook status saying that this individual was "Proud to be an American for the first time in years."  Statements like that absolutely hurt my heart.

Yesterday, the courts did not agree with my opinion, but
I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because we live in a land where judges define policy peacefully.
I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because people can disagree with me, and have every right to do so.
I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because in the 31 years I have been alive, we have peacefully changed presidents four times and held eight peaceful presidential elections.
I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because we don't have to agree on everything.  In fact, our country was founded on the expectation that we will not, and should not agree on everything.  That is why we do not have a King, that is why we ELECT our leaders, and then in a few years, we ELECT them again.
I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because, in my 31 years, many policies have been passed, some of which I agree with, and some of which I do not... but they have always been passed through presidential, judicial, or legislative action -- never by riots, or torches, or mobs.

I am not so arrogant as to think that every opinion I hold should be the law of the land.  I do not rule the world, and I do not rule America.

I do not agree with the ruling of the Supreme Court... but I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, today and every day.  I wish more people of my generation understood how lucky they are to be an American EVERY DAY -- not just on the days their policies win.

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