Sunday, November 30, 2014

Images of Our Thanksgiving

Here are great images of our wonderful Thanksgiving...

What a great little cleaning helper I had

What's the news, Grammie?

A Christmas present from Grammie and Papa that couldn't wait...

... because it is an ornament for our tree -- Baby's First Christmas with Tracey Ann's name

Happy Thanksgiving Morning!

Yummy!  A wooden spoon for breakfast!

We're so thankful for our little family.

My parents helped me stuff and address Christmas cards... we had quite the assembly line going, and they were a HUGE help!

Grammie and Papa reading Tracey Ann a story

Dinner's almost ready

Mmmmm!  Thanksgiving dinner!

After Thanksgiving means... its time to get our Christmas tree!

We cut it, and dragged it home.  Tracey Ann's first Christmas tree!
Time to go swimming up in Vail!

We can't wait!

Ooooo... this is a little cold, are you sure the water's heated?

Oh, the water's warm.  No problem!

After swimming, Hubby and I had a date... first the spa...

... and then dinner alone at Old Chicago.

Tracey Ann had a great time with Grammie and Papa.

And, in one fell swoop, she went from looking at the dishwasher... climbing up onto the dishwasher.  We officially have a climber.

Our Colorado Christmas tree is now up in our living room ready to be decorated!

Tracey Ann still needs some saline drops for her nose... but she didn't quite understand the directions.

We have had a great family week!
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