Friday, November 7, 2014

My People

It is never my intention to let a day (or several days) pass without blogging.  In fact, it sort of throws me off when I don't have time to post.  For better or worse, blogging has become a part of my daily routine, and when I cannot post for one reason or another, it really bothers me.

So, this post is late... and it will be short, but at least its done.

Hubby, Tracey Ann, and I have been on a whirlwind treadmill this week as we worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Hubby planned, organized, executed, and cleaned up the biggest fundraiser of the year for his school on Wednesday, I organized the animal-sitters, house-sitters, packed and loaded all our belongings (and really, it feels like we now travel with ALL of our belongings), and we hit the road at midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning to catch a 6am flight out of Denver to travel to Batavia, New York for my childhood best friend's wedding.

Thursday, we got to the hotel just in time for me to get a shower, and change my clothes, and then I was off to a surprise Bachelorette party with the other bridesmaids and some friends and family, and now the next two days will be spent joyfully celebrating the happy couple, reuniting with old friends and family, tending to bridesmaids responsibilities, and introducing Hubby and Tracey Ann to this window of my past.

This wedding is not taking place in our childhood home, but rather in the town where the bride and groom have made their home... but all that I have had in my head since arriving if the Rodney Atkins song, "These Are My People" -- because these, here at this wedding, are my people.

Abbie decided to go back to her roots for her bridal party, and so her bridesmaids are her younger sister, and her two childhood best friends.  She is not in touch with us frequently at all -- but she chose based on longevity -- who would be in her life forever, and we are overjoyed at her choices.

It has been so much fun to be apart of the planning with this two girls, who I grew up with.  There is no "how do you know the bride?" -- we all go way back, and Abbie is our link.  We all know each others parents and siblings -- and our parents and some siblings are coming to the wedding.  We were never all best friends -- Abbie and I went to school together, Abbie and Rae lived across the street from each other, and Abbie and Andrea are sisters.  Abbie is our link, and Abbie has always been our link.

I've got to run off to practice hair styles for tomorrow... so I will leave you with this:

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