Monday, November 17, 2014

Her Younger Siblings

Over the weekend I realized that a dream of mine had come true... just not in the way I had expected.

Ever since Lexie became a big sister (first to Lloyd, and then to Tracey Ann), I had high hopes for her to absolutely love her younger siblings.  I knew she was always going to fondly remember the days when she was the queen and our only pet, but I hoped that, in time, she would sweetly play and cuddle with Lloyd... and then eventually sweetly play and cuddle with Tracey Ann.

This dream has not been realized.  Over the years, she and Lloyd do sort of play together... but Lexie makes sure that we know she is supremely annoyed by his presence... and since he's here, she might as well, begrudgingly play, a little with him, from time to time.  There is definitely no cuddling.

Over the months since Tracey Ann was born, there has been a tolerance... occasionally as Lexie has learned that this new baby has a high rank in our family, and isn't going anywhere... but there is not any playing or cuddling.  Tracey Ann LOVES Lexie and often tries to touch and pet her, and Lexie has never been aggressive towards her... she mostly just runs away.

Well, over the weekend, I saw my dream come true of Lexie lovingly interacting with both Lloyd and Tracey Ann.  They were not playing or cuddling... but Lexie demonstrated great love and respect for both of her younger siblings, and I was overjoyed to see it.

I took a few Christmas card shots over the weekend -- carefully planing a scene to highlight our Christmas nativity scene, family stockings, and hopefully, Lexie, Lloyd and Tracey Ann.  This would have been a difficult picture under any circumstances, but it was especially difficult because Hubby was off hunting, and I was trying to get the shot alone.

After much trial and error, I realized the only way I was going to get any sort of picture that I wanted, I was going to have tie things to the chair... I was going to tie Lloyd, Lexie, and yes, Tracey Ann to the chair.

** This is probably where I should insert a disclaimer that no children or animals were harmed during the making of this picture.  Also, I was monitoring the attitude, and demeanor of both animals and child during the picture.**

No picture was perfect, but a number were very cute and potentially Christmas-card worthy ... although, not the ones I'm posting here... these are some outtakes and some to highlight what a wonderful kitty-cat we have.

What I didn't realize until after the shot was over, however, was that my sweet Lexie, who clearly conveys that she does not really like Lloyd or Tracey Ann did not act aggressively toward either one of them during this photo shoot.

Here, her collar was tied to a chair near both a dog and a baby, and she sat there, tense, but compliant and, in no way violent toward either the dog or the baby.  She never, IN ANY WAY, even implied to become violent toward Lloyd or Tracey Ann, which is just about the best scenario I could have hoped for.

Yes, someday, I would love to see Lexie curled up next to Lloyd, or purring as Tracey Ann pets her, and maybe, Lord Willing, those days are still ahead.  But, for now, I will cherish my little Christmas photo victory, and praise Lexie like crazy for her willingness to show love for her younger siblings.


YAY!  I'm so proud!!!

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