Sunday, November 16, 2014

Maturity and Wisdom

My dad is right, a lot of maturing happens between age 20 and 30... at least that's what I'm noticing in myself.

I am learning so much from marriage that is affecting my relationship with God.  I am learning so much from motherhood that is affecting my relationship with God.  If I had been a better, more studious Christian woman and wife, it probably should have been the other way around -- my lessons from God affecting my marriage and motherhood... but I am grateful for the lessons and wisdom God provides from anywhere I can get them.

I am such a stubborn, strong-willed, passionate person.  I see the world in black and white, and there is not much room in my mind or strong-will for another perspective or opinion.

But I married a wonderful man at age 27, and I became a mother at age 30... and I am finding my stubborn, strong-willed, passionate personality to be changing every day.  Much of it is because I am trying to become a better Godly wife, mother, and person every day... and some days I step back and hardly recognize myself from the fire-cracker I was a few years ago.

These past few years I have learned... nope, I shouldn't say that.  These past few years, I have begun learning... to apologize, to forgive, to let things go, to surrender a situation, to pray for my attitude, to begin to discern what things are beneficial v. non-beneficial to a situation, to put the needs of others ahead of my preferences and desires, to look beyond what I think is "fair", and much more.

Through these lessons from marriage and motherhood, I think I am becoming a better follower of God, a better teacher, a better daughter, a better daughter-in-law, a better sister, a better sister-in-law, and a better friend.

I'm not going to lie... my youth was fun, but I think I am coming into a very beautiful season of maturity, and hopefully wisdom, and I really like the woman into whom God is shaping me.

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