Monday, December 1, 2014

Must Be The Holidays...

 There are some things, for me, that mean it must be the holidays.

Since today is December 1st, I thought I would write those things that mean December.
  • A tree in our family room complete with ornaments that tell so many stories and  hold so many memories
  • Dozens (over 150) photo Christmas cards addressed, stamped, a message written inside, and put in the mail
  • Christmas cookies -- at least a few (I used to make dozens and dozens until I realized that I was the only one at home to eat them.)  Now, I make a few and give a lot away.
  • SNOW!  I don't really have control over that one... but its a necessity
  • Christmas Music -- Forbidden until the week of Thanksgiving
  • A Christmas ring tone on my phone -- I always use part of "Sing Noel" from New Song's album The Christmas Shoes
  • Listening to Jiminie The Christmas Tree -- an audio story about a little tree who learned what Christmas is and then wanted to be a Christmas Tree
  • Travel... ever since I left for college, December has meant travel... over ten years now I have had to travel to "Be Home For Christmas" -- or, since getting married... be home close to Christmas
  • Christmas movies and Christmas tv specials -- I LOVE Christmas movies -- old and new, and sappy tv specials make me so happy!
 I can't wait to share these Christmas traditions with Tracey Ann!

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