Monday, December 29, 2014


 When Hubby and I are on vacation, my blog posts are effected.  I could just choose to not post while we're traveling... but I don't to do that.  If I just don't post, then I find that I get too far behind and never post pictures or thoughts or whatever from our time on vacation, and I don't like that.

But, my posts don't quite have the depth or thought that they do when we're home in Rifle.

So, thanks for bearing with the blog while Hubby and I are on vacation, reconnecting, visiting with family, having multiple Christmas gift exchanges, multiple Christmas Eves, multiple Christmas mornings, multiple Christmas dinners, multiple Christmas church services, and a lot of joyful quality time with family.

Our time with our families is always joyful, but seeing our family members relate to Tracey Ann is an entirely new joy this year, and we are loving every minute of it.

Happy Vacation.

Tracey Ann with her Uncles Nick and Daniel, and her Aunt Mandy in St. Louis.

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