Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Visiting Mr. Santa at Bass Pro Shop

Tracey Ann met Mr. Santa for the first time yesterday and we had so much fun.  We had to wait in line a long time because Mama must have checked the wrong website and saw the wrong starting time... but we had a blast.

Mama and Grandma and Tracey Ann had fun in the winter wonderland waiting for our time with Santa... see the reindeer in the background?

The reindeer even talked to us

Mr. Santa was such a nice man, and Tracey Ann tried her best to be nice to him.

At least there weren't any tears.

Daddy even arrived right in time for us to see Santa... this picture would be SO amazing if Tracey Ann had smiled.

"Grandma, I was so brave talking to Mr. Santa.  Did you see me?"

"Oh, I don't know about these antlers... they're not really my style."

"They look great on Daddy though!"

Thank you, Bass Pro Shop for the great time with Mr. Santa.

"Okay, time to go."

With this first Christmas as parents, Chris and I had to find places where Santa would be for the first time (our parents found them when we were kids), and we were thrust into the new world of Santa's policies.  EVERY place we researched for pictures with Santa made their policy very clear -- you could sit on Santa's lap for free... but all pictures taken by the elves cost money... and you can only take pictures with your own camera IF you buy a photo package from the elves -- minimum price of $19.99.

We want to wish a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a grateful THANK YOU to Bass Pro Shops for their FREE picture with Santa Claus AND the ability to take our own pictures.  You provide a beautiful and wonderful Santa's Wonderland complete with Santa's workshop, reindeer, and all sorts of activities for children while they're waiting for their turn with the Big Guy.  We have happily supported Bass Pro Shops for years because of their quality merchandise, but now, we are incredibly grateful for the amazing North Pole they create for children, and their family friendly policies, and we will continue to support Bass Pro Shops year round.

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