Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Fun Stuff...

The Christmas season is so busy for us... just like it is for others, but I have always loved it.  I remember back in high school how busy I was with music concerts, church pageants, charity work, Christmas parties, and gifts to friends and family... and I remember thinking how much I LOVED being so busy, because it was Christmas busy.

The fact of the matter is, that Hubby and I are ALWAYS busy -- well, August-June, we are always busy.  We have a very flexible schedule in July.

The fact is that the Christmas season is SO busy because it requires regular day-to-day life to continue... PLUS all the great Christmas extra stuff.

Our work still needs to be done, trash gathered, house vacuumed, dishes done, laundry folded, baby supervised... but then ADD to that all the wonderful extras that make the Christmas seasons so magical -- that's the fun stuff.

I don't mind being busy at Christmas time, because I recognize that I CHOOSE to do The Fun Stuff... and I absolutely love it.

My favorite "Fun Stuff" of the Christmas Season:
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Decorating our house
  • Hanging outdoor lights
  • Cutting a real Christmas tree
  • Creating Christmas cards, writing a Christmas letter and mailing them to 175 or so friends
  • Attending local Christmas music concerts
  • Giving away Christmas cookies and Christmas cards to co-works and community First Responders
  • Compiling Christmas presents for family members -- a mix of practical, and whimsical, inexpensive, and great deals
  • Trying out Christmas crafts with Tracey Ann (thank you, Pintrest)
  • Having Christmas movies playing in the background as I work on other tasks
  • Wrapping presents
  • Burning copies of "Jiminie the Christmas Tree" and sending to young families whom I think might enjoy it
  • Leaving Christmas cookies for the mailman
  • Taking time to sit down with Hubby and read aloud the Christmas cards we receive from friends and family
What are some of your extra fun things you make time for during the Christmas season?

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