Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Not Commercialism... It's Wise Mothers.

I love Christmas, so I have never really pitched a fit when I see Christmas trees and garland for sale in stores around October... but I do make note of it.  I do sort of sake my head and wonder how stores can get away with selling Christmas earlier and earlier every year.

NOW, I realize, I have been very unfair in thinking that the early Christmas sales are due to commercialism.  It is not commercialism that starts Christmas earlier and earlier... is is wise mothers.

That's right, this year the wisdom of the early Christmas sales has snapped into place and I'm realizing that stores are not to blame.

As a first-time mother, I was so excited for my first ever dream-come-true Christmas with my wonderful husband, and my beautiful baby girl.  I have always envisioned Christmas cards, caroling, decorating our tree, decorating our home, baking Christmas cookies, visiting Santa Claus, doing Christmas children's crafts, reading the Nativity story, beautiful Christmas harp music filling our household, participating in Christmas pageants, bright packages wrapped under the tree... and of course driving several thousand miles to celebrate with the Sandens and the Millers.

Were I a wise mother, in order to accomplish everything I planned, I would have started in September, with the first sign of Christmas in the stores.

Next year, as  seasoned and wise mother, my preparations for Christmas will probably begin in October -- not to commercialize Christmas, but in order to squeeze as many joyful and special events into the actual Christmas season as possible.

Plus, next year, I won't be able to wrap Tracey Ann's presents in front of her, like I was able to this year.

Thank you, stores, that you begin Christmas sales so early -- next year, I will use it as a cue to begin my Christmas plans and preparations.

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