Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Treasuring the Present: Stars and Rain

Hubby and I took Lloyd and Tracey Ann camping for the first time this past weekend.  Lloyd had been before, but it was Tracey Ann's first time... and the first time we had gone as a family of four (Lexie got to stay home).

There were several wonderful memories, but specifically, I want to remember the Stars and Rain.

After Tracey Ann had fallen asleep in the tent with Lloyd (adorable!), Hubby and I had campfire dinner, and then we just laid on the grass, near the fire, under a blanket out under the stars.  The stars were innumerable.  We just talked and looked at God's glorious heavens above us.  It was so romantic, and such a wonderful time for us as husband and wife.

Cozy in the two-man tent (Tracey Ann and me sharing a sleeping bag), the night was 45* and 4:00am brought a big rain storm.  When I awoke with the rain at 4:00am, life was so perfect.  The rain was pelting our tent, but my wonderful Hubby had set it up so well that we stayed completely dry and warm in the little tent.  I got to lay in the dark, listening to the rain on the tent, with Lloyd by my feet, Tracey Ann right next to me -- taking up most of the sleeping bag with her arms outstretched, with my Hubby on the other side of Tracey Ann.  We were all safe and warm and dry out in nature together.

It was so special.

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