Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Happy Birthday to the best Momma and Grammie in the world!!!

I have always known you were the best mom for the following (and more) reasons:
  • you are my best friend
  • you are the one I want to call when I'm stressed or joyful
  • you are a great cook and baker
  • you are my example of a good homemaker
  • you value family
  • you are quick to sacrifice anything for your loved ones
  • you are my example of a proverbs 31 woman
  • you are such a wonderful example of a loving wife

It is just this year that I have been blessed to witness you as the world's best Grammie.  Tracey Ann is the luckiest baby in the world to have you as a grammie.
You are the world's best grammie for the following (and more) reasons:
  • you are always ready to make Tracey Ann smile and laugh
  • you sing the most fun songs, and make the funniest voices
  • you do the best dance moves
  • you can watch Tracey Ann AND cook, or clean at the same time
  •  you have encouraged me as a Mama any time I need it
  • you are great at supporting the decisions Hubby and I have made regarding Tracey Ann


 It's official -- Tracey Ann, Hubby and I are the luckiest to have you for a Momma and Grammie

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