Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Wisdom

As a general rule I try to seek wisdom from reliable sources -- the Bible, church, my parents, etc, and specifically do NOT seek wisdom from a secular television show.  That being said, Grey's Anatomy had a plot line and a message this past Spring that I continue to remember and lean on throughout my trials and fears of parenting.

The episode aired last May, so forgive me for this *spoiler alert* three months after-the-fact.

Jackson and April are expecting a baby and both are doctors on the show.  April is a Christian.  In the season finale there was an explosion at a local mall and it was suspected to be a terrorist attack.  It turned out that the explosion was caused by a gas line break of some sort, but April, the mother-to-be, gets very emotional because of all the innocent people hurt in the accident.

At one point her mother-in-law asks her why she is so upset -- this wasn't an act of terrorism, and April responds by saying that even though the explosion wasn't terrorist activity, that is the world we live in.  She is so sad to be bringing a baby into the world where, when an accident happens, the first thought is a terrorist attack.

April's mother-in-law, a black woman, and also a doctor, tells April a story about growing up at a time when she and her father were refused service at a restaurant because of the color of their skin.  She said that, as a child, she never would have imagined she could have the career she has today and enjoy all the freedoms she has today.

"Good people raising their babies right," is what makes a difference in a scary world.

I have had to have this same conversation with myself over and over and over since becoming a mother.

How can I bring a child into this evil, imperfect, scary world?

A huge dose of faith in God, and time spent in prayer -- and good people raising their babies right is how the world is going to get better.

Lord, please protect my baby girl.  She is Your child first and mine second.  Thank You for entrusting me with the care of Your beautiful blessing.  Teach me how to be the best mother possible to her.  Give me wisdom, and patience as I navigate the waters of motherhood.  Sew Your World deep into Tracey Ann's heart and let her always know Your love and develop a deep faith in You as her Savior.

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