Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tracey Ann -- 6 Months

** I have had this post done for weeks, but I haven't spent the time to upload the pictures to go with them.  Now that we're about a week away from Tracey Ann turning seven months, I finally buckled down and finished this six month post. **

Our world turned upside down six months ago, and it has been the most wonderful thing in the world.


  Approximately 16 pounds -- breast milk should be on the "super food" list

REALLY LONG!  This baby is ALL leg!  Her little sleepers cover the palms of her hands, but her little feet stretch out the legs.  I think she might get her height from her daddy.  Her "unofficial height" will be determined next week at her doctor's appointment.

Clothing size:
She's in six month clothes and growing every day.  A few of her six-month outfits are getting tight, and we don't really have many nine-month outfits yet, so I either need to take up sewing or we need to do some nine-month shopping.  We do have larger sizes at home, but we've been traveling this whole month since she turned five months (wow, more than 1/6 of her life has been traveling) and the largest sizes we brought with us was six-month.
Lots of breast milk.  We have introduced her to a few tastes of foods like peach, pear, avocado, and lemon but when we put them in front of her in her high chair, she just plays with them, so we haven't pushed the solid foods yet.

Oh, we're in trouble with sleeping.  This month of travel has not done well for our sleeping routine.  She does well in the pack-n-play except when the air conditioner or open windows makes our bedroom too cold -- then she ends up in our bed sleeping with us for body heat.  Also, she is loving the breast to fall asleep -- its like her teddy bear and she hates to go to sleep without it.  We really have some work to do when we get home.

New Accomplishments: 
  • Manipulating toys with both hands
  • Sitting up unassisted (she needs help getting to the sitting position, but then she can remain seated on her own... for a minute or two)
  • Blowing raspberries with her tongue
  • Sleeping in her pack n play -- when she wasn't sleeping in Mama and Daddy's bed

  • Surviving all the old-fashioned, illegal baby toys at Grammie and Papa's house

  • Rolling around on the floor or in her pack n play
  • Being worn in a moby or backpack

  • Swimming
  • Baths and showers
  • Lexie and Lloyd
  • Sleeping in bed with Mama and Daddy
  • "Let It Go" the song
  • Our cell phones
  • Her carseat... sometimes
  • Her vitamin D with iron supplement
  • Playing independently for too long
Places She Went:
  •  Well... that would be Kansas, Missouri, Illionois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, Michigan
  • The Grand Ole Opry
  • Cardinals Baseball game -- well, other MLB games as well, but the Cardinals is the one that counts the most around here
  • The church where Mama and Daddy were married
  • The shores of Lake Michigan

Special Memories:
  • First time in the ocean

  • First time in Papa's Price Is Right Boat

  • First time meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Holifield

  • First time meeting Great Grandpappy Jacobs
  • First time meeting a BUNCH of friends and family far and wide
  • First time swimming in Grammie and Papa's pool
  • First horseback ride at Aunt Sharon's house

  • Tracey Ann
  • Tracey
  • Baby Girl
  • Beautiful
  • Pumpkin (pronounced Punkin)
  • Punky
  • Little Spitter
  • Fuss-o (when she's fussy)
  • Munchkin
  • Munchkers
  • Pretty Girl
  • Sunshine
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