Monday, August 4, 2014

First Foods

I'm getting behind on my posts -- usually I like to write my posts in the evenings and have them post first thing the next morning... but we're still working on a bedtime routine for Tracey Ann and so evening blog posts haven't been the easiest to come by lately.

Now that she is six-months old, we have begun introducing Tracey Ann to solid foods.  In our case, that has literally meant SOLID foods -- not pureed baby foods or puffed rice cereal.

I'm inclined to do baby-led weaning with Tracey Ann, which means that we are giving her real food right from the start.  I'm sure a little pureed stuff will work its way in at some point, but so far she has been eating (or playing with) real food -- adult food.

She has tried avocado and banana thus far, and she's only mildly interested in eating.  What I've read says that when children are ready to begin solid foods, they will eat the solid foods.  Prior to that, they're individual body just isn't ready yet.

So far, Tracey Ann seems to be more of a fan of avocado than of banana, and she has some days that she likes it better than others.  Either way, scenes like these are our new normal:

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