Friday, August 15, 2014


  These days I am often reminding myself of HTALL -- Hubby, Tracey Ann, Lexie, Lloyd.

I am back to work and preparing for another year of teaching students across 150 miles here in the mountains.  Despite the work responsibilities of mine that come with the onset of the school year -- HTALL.  My PRIORITIES are Hubby, Tracey Ann, Lexie and Lloyd.

Yes, I intend to work hard as a teacher, just as I have every year, and I intend to work hard as a homemaker... but Hubby, Tracey Ann, Lexie, and Lloyd are my PRIORITIES over all else.

My lesson plans will get done... the laundry and the dishes will get done... but when Hubby, Tracey Ann, Lexie, or Lloyd need me this year, THEY have the trump card.  THEY are my family.  If they need me, they get me.

This has been on my heart this week as I've returned to work.  This week I've treasured my time with Tracey Ann, I've looked for additional ways to serve my husband as he's returned to work as well, and I've been very attentive to the needs Lexie and Lloyd are communicating.

About a week ago, I took a rare moment to put my feet up and rest for a few minutes while Tracey Ann was napping.  I hadn't been resting 5 minutes before Lexie came up and sprawled out on my lap purring.  Any guilt I felt about resting a few minutes was gone as I treasured this time to give Lexie some undivided attention (which doesn't happen as often as it used to).

Tracey Ann LOVES Lloyd and she and I give Lloyd attention throughout the day... but Lloyd still thrives on my undivided attention when Tracey Ann isn't in my arms.

I'm the MAMA of the household, and I LOVE it.  Someone always needs me and it is wonderful.  This is my life's dream coming true before my eyes -- my sometimes tired eyes.

I'm headed back to work, and I love my students.  I look forward to another year of teaching and learning with them, and I will commit myself to them as their teacher.

That being said, Hubby, Tracey Ann, Lexie, Lloyd are my family.  I'm about to embark on the balancing act of being a working mom -- but the scale doesn't balance.  HTALL is my priority, my calling, my loves, my life's work, my dream-come-true, and my family.

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