Sunday, August 17, 2014


Sometimes I don't have the energy to come up with one-of-a-kind blog posts.  On days like those (like today), I'm grateful for some standard questions to get my thoughts going:

Currently I'm...

Loving:  My days home with Tracey Ann.  This year I am fortunate enough to work a few days away from home and a few days at home, and I LOVE my days when I can work from home.  I am loving my amazing hubby who is working SO hard in his new job as Dean and Athletic Director, and I love supporting him as he's growing and excelling in his professional life.  I am LOVING Tracey Ann and her stage of life and learning.  She is starting to know what she wants, and she gets frustrated when she can't communicate what she wants or make her body retrieve what she wants.  She gets closer and closer to crawling every day.  She rolls everywhere -- if we put her down at one spot on the floor, give her two minutes and she'll have moved five feet.

Reading/Watching:  Work emails, and listening to an audio book (that counts as reading, right?) IN THIS MOUNTAIN.  Watching -- at the moment a recorded episode of American Ninja Warrior... but what currently the series Hubby and I are really into is Married At First Sight.  It is such an interesting concept, and the show has provoked a lot of discussion between us about our marriage and our compatibility and ways we nurture our marriage.

Trying to:  Create a peaceful joyful attitude about this upcoming school year.  I am so grateful for the fact I can work from home a little, but I am nervous about the days I'm away from home, away from Tracey Ann and how long they will be, and how much work I have to accomplish.

Wishing:  The ability to savor each and every day and have a joyful attitude.

Excited for:  Getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I've lost 7 pounds since arriving home after our summer of travel... I'm getting closer and closer to pre-pregnancy weight (and clothes!)  Also, excited (and praying) for a time, eventually, when I may not have to work outside of home... 

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