Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tracey Ann - One Week

At 7:56pm, yesterday, Tracey Ann turned one week old.  I cannot believe how much our life has changed in one week.

Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz (down from 6 lbs 13 oz at birth... but her weight is coming back)

Length: She was 18.5 inches at birth, and I haven't measured her since

Clothing size: newborn clothes... definitely newborn size.  Even newborn clothes are big on her
Eating: We are nursing exclusively, and it is going really well.  She feeds about every three hours, for about an hour at a time.  I'm  not sure if this is going to become our routine... or if this has just been the pattern our first week.  Time will tell, but we are so grateful that nursing is going well thus far.
Sleeping:  Oh, sleeping.  I think I remember what that is.  :-D  No, actually, we are doing pretty well in getting into a sleep routine.  She sleeps in her bassinet in our bedroom in between feedings.  It took us a few days to find the balance of how many layers she should wear when sleeping, but I think we've figured it out -- onesie, swaddle, and warm fleece sleeper with a little hat.
New things: 
  • Ummm... life outside the womb
  • Life outside the hospital
  • Breastfeeding
  • Meeting Lexie and Lloyd (her animal brother and sister)
  • Taking newborn pictures
  • Meeting both sets of grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Miller, and Grammy and Papa Sanden
  • Her sweet little bird-like newborn cry... she sounds like a little bird calling out for food "waaa-waaa-waaa", so cute and short - I am in love with her little cry (as
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Sucking on her fingers
  • Skin-to-skin with her Mama and Daddy
  • She does pretty well in the car seat, although, I don't know that I should categorize this as a "like"
  • Her swing
  • The "vibrate" feature on her bassinet
  • Being rocked by Mama, Daddy, or grandparents
  • Being cold
  •  Delayed feedings
  • Having her heel poked for biliruben tests (although her test on Friday went SOOO much better than her test on Wednesday -- both drawing her blood, and her actual reading, so we are SO incredibly grateful to God for how much better Friday's experience was)
Big events:
  • Having her newborn pictures taken... hopefully images to come soon
  • Well, her entire life could be categorized under "new things" and "big events" this week

I cannot believe how perfect and beautiful our baby girl is.  I hate that one week has passed, and, depending on my emotions, and how much or little sleep I have had, I burst into tears at the idea of leaving her during the day to return to work in just 11 weeks.  How can her first week have passed so fast?  How are she and I going to survive next week, when Hubby returns to work, or the following week, when Grammy and Papa have gone home?  Time will tell, and I am trying to just cherish every moment as it happens.
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