Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Airplane Rule

Two days of life without reinforcement (i.e. without Tracey Ann's grandparents -- either set -- here to help us), and I am learning there is great wisdom to the airplane rule.

As anyone who has flown on a plane knows, the flight attendant always states that, in the event of an unforeseen change in cabin pressure, a mask will drop from the overhead compartment.  You are supposed to put your own mask on first, and then offer assistance to others (children, elderly, etc.).

As a mother, it seems to go against your intuition... you want to protect your child first and take care of yourself second.  But, if you pass out because of the change in cabin pressure because you don't have a mask on, you are not going to be any help to your children or anyone else.

Two days of being home with Tracey Ann, and I'm learning there is some wisdom to this rule.  I am a better mother when I get a nap.

I don't want to take a nap during the day despite all the advice I have been given to "sleep when the baby sleeps."  I don't want to.  I am home, and there is so much I want to do during the day that does not involve sleeping -- playing with the animals, writing thank you notes, keeping up with Tracy Ann's baby book, laundry -- ENDLESS laundry, keeping the house clean, cooking dinner, blogging, getting pictures of Tracey Ann hanging around the house, and more...

But, the truth is, I love Tracey Ann much better when I get a nap during the day.  I don't have to sleep the day away, but catching a couple hours of a nap in between two of her feedings during the day helps me make the most of the other time I have, and it helps to me to cope with the situations of motherhood when NONE of my To Do List gets accomplished.

And, because it just seems wrong to do a post without a picture of my wonderful baby girl, here you go... I call this, "Frankenbaby".

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  1. Haha that picture is sooo cute :)
    I don't nap during the day but I get plenty of rest. Emanuella is my priority so we cuddle A LOT! The only things I really have to do are laundry, making dinner and if I have some time left I'll even do the dishes haha! It depends on the baby though, if she sleeps in her crib I'll take some time to be productive but if she wants to nap on her mommy, that's fine too!


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