Friday, February 21, 2014

Not A Morning Person

 I cannot believe our precious baby girl is FOUR WEEKS OLD today!!!

It seems like no time has passed at all... she still seems brand new, and yet Hubby and I have learned SO much in these past four weeks, and Tracey Ann has grown and changed so much, that it must have been a lifetime... and actually, it has been.  It has been her lifetime thus far.

In these past four weeks, I have found myself wondering about Tracey Ann's personality and about the person she is going to become.  In so doing, I find myself thinking about human nature in general, and herein lies the topic of my post today.

Almost everyone on earth is naturally "not a morning person".

Tracey Ann is a very happy, sweet, loveable, easy-going baby... but she is not a morning person.  I say this because when she awakens, she cries.

This is completely natural for an infant.  She spends much of her time sleeping, and as such, she pretty much only wakes up when something is bothering her -- when she needs to be changed or when she needs to be fed.  When she awakens, she wants these needs met, and she cries, as, at present, this is her only means of communication.

Tracey Ann is not different from other babies in this daily (sometimes hourly) occurence.  In fact, it is the abnormal, or neglected baby that does not cry to make their needs known.

This leads me to today's realization.  Everyone on earth is "not a morning person".

It is completely natural to not be a morning person.  As a baby, every person habitually, and regularly, woke up and almost immediately began crying.  It makes perfect sense that as the baby grows and ages, and develops beyond the stage of crying upon awakening, that the baby (now a child, teenager, and adult) would naturally dislike mornings.

From the time we are infants, nature programs us to not be morning people.

If you feel like crying come Monday morning, or you angrily slam your alarm, and feel like you've awakened on the wrong side of the bed, take heed, this feeling is completely normal... you've felt this way since birth.  :-D

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