Monday, February 3, 2014

Skin to Skin

One of Chris and my favorite parts of parenthood thus far is skin-to-skin time with Tracey Ann.  This is aside from time Tracey and I spend nursing, Chris or I are laying down without a shirt on, and Tracey lays on top of us, without a shirt on, and we are laying chest-to-chest.

Tracey always falls asleep, and Chris or I have to work hard not to fall asleep, because it is such a comfortable, cozy position.

That being said, something Hubby and I learned very soon after coming home from the hospital, is that he and I still need our skin-to-skin time at the end of each day, the same way we prioritize skin-to-skin time with our daughter.  Hubby and I went from being alone at the end of each day, with plenty of time to cuddle together, with our arms around each other in bed, to being responsible for a beautiful, newborn life, and it, naturally, changes our end-of-day routine.

After a few nights where I was nursing when Hubby fell asleep, we both realized we needed to find a way to prioritize our own cuddling time sometime throughout the day.  We need at least a minute -- hopefully a full five minutes -- to reconnect in each other's arms, the way we did every night before Tracey was born.  There is something about physically coming together -- holding each other -- at the end of every day to know that we are on the same page, we are united, come what may, releasing a sigh that we've made it through another day, and we still love and support each other.

Especially given the exhaustion and emotional waves I've been experiencing, this time to reconnect every day is more important than ever.

We love mama-daughter, daddy-daughter skin-to-skin time with Tracey Ann... but we realized, anew, this week how important the husband-wife skin-to-skin time is for our marriage.

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  1. That is my favourite moment of the day :) When we've put our daughter in bed and Jeff takes me in his arms :)


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