Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday - AKA Due Date!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday... also known as Tracey Ann's due date.

I would have been 40 weeks pregnant today, which is just crazy given that I have had a beautiful, healthy, squirming, crying, smiling little girl for nine days.

I love football, although I follow college football much more closely than I do professional.  That being said, once college football ends, I make a point to follow the professional play-off games, and I always look forward to the Super Bowl.

With the Denver Broncos playing the Seattle Seahawks, I am more grateful than ever that I will not be in labor with Tracey Ann during the Super Bowl.  :-D  I enjoyed watching Peyton Manning when he played for the University of Tennessee, and I think he is a great guy, and a good role-model.  I am proud that I can call myself a Coloradian when he is playing for the Denver Broncos for a Super Bowl Championship.

Go Broncos and Yay Tracey Ann that you are here to watch the game with us, instead of still in Mama's belly.

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