Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tales of Sleep Deprivation

Something tells me this is the first of a potential series of funny things that happen when less than desirable amounts of sleep are achieved by the adults in the household.

Here are some tales of sleep deprivation... some more funny than others...
  1. A few nights ago, I was changing Tracey Ann in the middle of the night.  I un-wrapped her swaddle (a tight blanket around her) then looked at her in bewilderment and said out-loud "Where is your swaddle?!?!  Were you sleeping without a swaddle???"  As in... the swaddle I had just unwrapped... I looked at Tracey and couldn't figure out where her swaddle was, and why she wasn't wrapped up to sleep.
  2. On Tracey Ann's first night at home, I had been up a few times with her throughout the night, and then, around midnight I realized that Tracey needed a diaper change.  I was so tired, and tired of getting in and out of bed, so I nudged my wonderful Hubby and asked him to change her diaper.  Our conversation went like this:
    Brooke:  Sweetie, could you change Tracey's diaper, please?
    Hubby:  Yes.  ... ... ... Actually, no.
    That is SOOOO not like my Hubby to say, so I sort of pouted, but got up and changed Tracey Ann.  When I asked Hubby about it later that night (when we were both up with her), he had NO RECALL of saying that to me, and he couldn't believe that that was his response to my asking for help.  It has been making us chuckle ever since.
  3. Yesterday, I called my doctor regarding some postpartum questions I had.  The on-call nurse led me to believe that she would talk to the doctor and call me back that afternoon with answers to my questions.  The day goes by, and I never heard back from the nurse.  Finally, at quarter-to-five I called the office again to inquire again about my questions.  The office was closed, and so I called the message system to leave a message for the on-call physician, "Dr. Maddie".  Sure enough, soon after I left a message for the on-call physician, I got a call from the pediatricians office.
    ** Note, I had been trying to reach my OBGYN... and then I got a call from the Pediatrician.  In my head, it never registered that these were different doctors, and different doctor's offices.**
    As I was talking to the nurse from the pediatrician's office, I started explaining to her about the postpartum questions I had, and how I had been trying to get in touch with the on-call physician, "Dr. Maddie".  The nurse politely told me that they don't have a "Dr. Maddie" in their office... that's when it finally clicked that I was talking to the PEDIATRICIAN -- NOT the OBGYN.  I was so embarrassed.
What sorts of mistakes do you make when you're sleep-deprived?

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