Monday, February 10, 2014

Parenting Advice (from 6th Graders) Part 1

My hubby is a 6th grade literacy teacher, and he loves it.  He is one of those amazing teachers who doesn't just tolerate middle schoolers, but truly loves and connects with middle schoolers.

One of the fun parts of our life with middle schoolers are the things that they say and the stories they tell.

The other day, Hubby asked them to write down their parenting advice to us, and I will be sharing some of the best/funniest advice in the coming weeks.

Parenting Advice from 6th Graders (spelling errors corrected):
  • Don't let Tracey have a boyfriend until she is old enough.  When she is 16 or 15.
  • Don't let her get bad grades.  If you let her go play make sure she comes home on time.
  • Teach her to talk and be adorable.
  • Feed her.  Get money to raise her.
  • Give her hugs and kisses til she smiles from ear to ear.
  • When she catches the couch on fire, don't get mad.
  • Get her a dog and name it daisy.  Get a German Shepherd.
  • Don't lose your child.
  • Make her a great hunter.
  • Drive slow and not crazy.
  • Don't let your child go outside with snow on the ground and only wearing a sweater.
  • Give her a pet cat when she is four.
  • Don't make her spoiled.  Don't be afraid to say no.
  • Don't bounce her head off of the floor or ceiling fan.
  • Don't panic when she cries, she is probably overwhelmed by you.  Try moving your eyebrows when she looks at you.  Babies usually look at facial expressions first.
Thanks, Students.

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