Monday, February 24, 2014

Life Update

Today's blog post coming to you from the Iowa/Nebraska boarder...

Here is a quick life update --

The woman who has been my honorary grandmother my entire life went to be with Jesus on Saturday evening.  She was 92 years old, and very ready to go home by the end.  Her death is a culmination of a beautiful life well-lived, and I am not so much saddened by her death as I am overwhelmingly grateful that I was considered her honorary grandchild.

With her death, our little Tracey Ann's first long road trip is occurring much sooner than we anticipated.  Hubby and I are headed to Michigan to celebrate Grandma's life and attend her funeral.  We are quite the circus headed down the interstate -- Daddy, Mama, one-month-old Tracey Ann, cat Lexie, and dog Lloyd.

Speaking of our little Tracey Ann, she is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY!!!  I cannot believe it -- talk about the fastest month I've ever experienced.  I will write a post soon about what Tracey Ann is up to at one month of age, and how much she has changed.  This has definitely been the best month of my life thus far!

Please keep in prayer as we travel.

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