Thursday, February 27, 2014

Night Lights

Parenthood has helped me to see a number of things from a new perspective.  One such thing is the purpose of the night light.

When I was a child, I didn't have a "night light" in my room, but my parents would leave the hall light on outside my room providing the same effect as a night light for me as I fell asleep.  I always assumed that the entire industry of night lights were for the benefit of the child.  The night lights provided comfort, light for getting up if needed, and assurance that no monsters are coming out from under the bed.

Not until Tracey Ann joined our family, a little over a month ago, did I ever consider that night lights are most importantly for the benefit of the parents.  Our one-month-old baby girl is not afraid of the dark, and could sleep just fine without a night light.  However, one or more night lights have been on EVERY night since we brought her home from the hospital.  The night lights are for OUR benefit.

The night lights serve the practical purpose of providing light when we need to get up with her several times a night -- feedings, diaper changes, general comfort, etc.  But, more importantly, the light provides comfort to me, the new mother, who needs to be able to look over from my bed and know my baby is still in her bassinet, alive, healthy, warm, and safe.

Tracey Ann does not sleep in our bed, she is about two feet away from our bed, and there are times that two feet distance feels way too far to be separated from my baby girl.  I can assure you, that night light is useful and comforting for this mama, and will not be shut off ANY time soon.

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