Saturday, February 22, 2014

Newborn Professional Pictures

Here are some more professional pictures we had taken of Tracey Ann when she was four days old.  Prepare yourself for photograph overload...

I love this picture of my Hubby and daughter... in my head she is saying,
"Your whiskers tickle, Daddy."

We were so fortunate to have both Chris' parents and my parents visiting us when we had these pictures taken.

I love this picture of my parents, Grammy and Papa, with Tracey Ann.

Here are Grandma and Grandpa Miller with Tracey Ann...

Look how tiny she is in her Daddy's arms.

My dad is a pediatrician, and Tracey Ann nearly fits inside his medical bag...

Papa says she has a healthy heart beat.

Tracey Ann is named for my sister, Tracey who died in 2002.

Grammy, Mama, and Tracey

Go Cardinals!

This is the most precious face!

We are so blessed!

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