Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Lord's Practical Joke

My parents spent Friday afternoon and evening with my hubby and me in Rifle.  For memorable parts of our dinner that night, see this post.

We aren't big jokers in our family... in fact, sometimes I think Chris thinks all we can talk about are world events, politics, old times, and old movies.  Someone may have an occasional humorous anecdote to pass along every now and again, but we certainly are not jokers -- practical jokers, playing jokes on each other.  It never happens.

That being said, most of the funny things to happen in our family happen naturally because we certainly don't set things up to be funny -- the Lord either gives us a laugh naturally, or He doesn't.

Well, the Lord decided I was in for quite a practical joke on Friday afternoon.

Mom and I had returned from the car place where we had just picked up my work car for getting the oil changed.  I drove my work car up our steep, muddy driveway and walked back down to meet Mom.  She preferred to go in the front door as the back of our house and the parking area is VERY MUDDY this time of year.  I took Mom's spot in the van, and gave her my keys to get in the front door.

Now, Mom and Dad had used my van a few times while they were staying in Vail, so NO OTHER KEYS were in the van other than the van ignition key.  I sent Mom into the house and parked the van.

After parking the van, I walked to the back door only to find it locked.  Well, I guess that made sense, the back door was locked before we left and Mom came in the front door, so no big deal.  I knock at the back door, completely sure my mom or dad will come let me in in no time.

No on comes to the back door, so I knock again and call, "HELLO!"

After a few minutes with no one coming to the door, I walk around the house to enter through the front door -- the door my mom has just unlocked and entered herself.  I go to open the front door, and it is locked.  Apparently, Mom entered the house, then promptly locked the door behind her.

So, again, I knock, and call, "HEL-LO-OO!" trying to get someone's attention.

When no one comes to the front door, I pull out my cell phone to call my mom and tell her to please let me in my house.  Since I had driven the van mom was driving up the driveway, I had her purse hanging from my arm... and... you guessed it, I soon hear her cell phone cheerfully ringing in her purse, which I have on my arm.

"You've got to be Kidding Me!" were my next words as I returned to the back of the house, to knock and call once more.

Finally, my mom heard me and answered the door.
She and my dad he gone into their guest room for a moment, and she thought it was weird that I wasn't in the house yet.

I can't imagine what our neighbors thought as I circled my house several times calling "Hello!" and calling myself on a cell phone that I was carrying.

Oh, Lord, I'm sure You got quite a chuckle out of that.  We did.  :-D

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  1. What a great post! We are the opposite in my family... I am the practical joker and my husband is very serious. It's been fun to merge those two worlds! I just found your blog and I have really enjoyed your writing and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)


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