Friday, February 8, 2013


I am not one to say that I love doing laundry... certainly not the quantity of laundry that exists in our household (and I am painfully aware that we are in the season of the least amount of laundry our home will see until our future children are grown and out-of-the-house).  But, to be honest, I take so much pride in doing laundry for my hubby.

Coming into marriage, I had a long list in my head of the the wifely duties I was going to performing daily, weekly, and as needed to keep my home beautiful and my husband happy.  More than one-and-a-half years into our marriage, the one duty I can REALLY take pride in doing our laundry.

My hubby is a better cook than I am... and he enjoys it MUCH more than I do.
I do some cooking, but we both know that I cook so we can eat and my hubby cooks because he enjoys it.

I am better at baking than my hubby is... but let's be honest, we really shouldn't be eating all that much of the sweets that I bake.

My hubby is better at fixing things, putting things together and ANYTHING related to technology.  The longer I've been with my hubby, the more I appreciate his handy-ness and technological savvy.

I am better at cleaning and organizing our home... but I don't take great pride in how I do at cleaning and organizing our home... not yet anyway.  Basically, when I think about how I clean and organize, I feel guilty because I could and should do a better job of it -- especially a better on-going job.  Our place looks great when company arrives, and we've had at least 24 hours notice of the company's arrival... but if someone were to just drop by any-ole time, I would be embarrassed about how our house looks when we're living and working as per usual.

I'm better at remembering things... but sometimes that feels like I'm nagging because I've remembered things that Hubby has forgotten...

That brings us to ... LAUNDRY!

Before we were married, my wonderful hubby would do laundry an average of once every 6-8 weeks.  He would wait until he was COMPLETELY out of clean clothes (he wore some interesting outfits that last week...) and then take his HUNDREDS of articles of clothing to a laundry mat and spend all day there doing laundry and grading papers.

Since we've been married my wonderful hubby has never done a load of laundry, and yet I take great pride in the fact that he has NEVER run out of clean clothes.  I don't do laundry as often as I could, but I average having a laundry day approximately every 8-9 days.

Like I said before, I don't love the quantity of laundry we have, but I do love taking care of my husband in this way.  I gather the laundry, I do all the loads back-to-back (I ALWAYS have to set a timer, because otherwise, I would never remember to get back to the laundry I've started), I fold them and I put them away.  All I ask of my sweet hubby is that he puts his dirty clothes in our laundry hamper.

Basically, I feel like laundry is the only area I've never disappointed my husband, and I've always lived up to the perfect home-making wife, I imagined I would be.  :-D

Thank you, Laundry for helping me feel successful as a wife.

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