Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Letters: Snow!!!

  • Dear Snow, THANK YOU FOR COMING!  You have been amazing!  Please, KEEP COMING!
  • Dear Vail, Your snow is AMAZING at the moment!  Definitely worth waiting for!!!!
  • Dear Skiing, You have been AMAZING after work this week.  Best skiing yet this season has been this week.
  • Dear Momma and Daddy, You both still look great on skis despite your nearly 60 and 80-plus years respectively.
  •  Dear February, Where in the WORLD did you come from?
  • Dear Hubby,  OH, I'VE MISSED YOU this week that I've been in Vail.  I am SOOO excited to see you and our puppy today.
  • Dear Work, You make the days go by quickly, but you keep me busy.
  • Dear Driving, It has been nice to have a little break from you this week while I've been in Vail with my parents.
  • Dear Friends Who Are Pregnant, You look so cute.  You make it look very tempting...
  •  Dear Grad School... I have no words at the moment.
  • Dear Weekend, I am really looking forward to you and I fear you will fly by faster than your usual warp-speed.
  • Dear Superbowl, I'm don't have huge allegiances for this game, but I'd like Baltimore to win.  A close game would be great though regardless of the winner.  :-D
Have a great weekend.

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