Friday, February 22, 2013


Are dreams necessary or unrealistic?

When I say "dreams", I am not referring to the subconscious thoughts that penetrate your sleep, I mean "A dream is a wish your heart makes" kind of dreams.  I mean the dreams like when a little girl dreams of growing up to be a princess, and when a little boy dreams of growing up to be a knight.

Adults have dreams, possibly a little more based-in-reality than becoming a princess or a knight, but some can still be pretty unrealistic given their current circumstances.  Are dreams a necessary and healthy part of life, or are they unrealistic hopes that need to be avoided?

Is is better to live in the real world and think you're prepared for what might come your way, or go after your dreams and risk not being prepared or equipped for the real world?

I don't know the answer.
I think many people's opinions would depend on the results.
The man who quit Harvard to develop facebook became a millionaire is considered a genius. (This scenario really happened)
The man who quit Harvard to develop an internet company that sold ice became one who is bankrupt and is considered a moron. (I made this scenario up)

Is it good to dream or is it better to stick to the status quo and be happy with the way things are?

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