Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dinner Last Night... A Memory to Cherish

Last night Chris and I had dinner with my parents at our house.  They have been in Vail for a few weeks, and they came to our house to spend a night before going back to Michigan.

We have had many dinners with my parents before, and will hopefully have many more for many years to come, but I really hope I remember the time we spent together last night for years to come.

Last night, we had some wonderful conversation.
  • My dad asked me if I was happy at my job.
  • My parents and I discussed the benefits of settling in a college town, when the time comes to choose where you want to spend your remaining days.
  • Mom and Dad told old stories about my relatives -- some of which I'd never heard (something about Uncle LeRoy and the trailer festival, "Get with it, Man!")
  • Chris asked my parents many questions about the condo in Vail and their place in Florida and why they chose the places they did and if they would choose something similar again if they had the chance
  • Chris asked questions about investments my dad had made through the years, and what her learned from those endeavors -- I have never heard my husband seek the wisdom of my father so openly and with great interest
  • Mom and Dad told some old stories that had all of us doubled over with laughter (Dad and the wooden golf clubs at the Beaver Creek Golf Course)
  • We talked about family members that are no longer with us -- my Grandmother, Nangie, my Grandfather, my Aunt Helen Lee, who was my dad's twin sister, and my mom's Aunt Marlene, who was one of the best women I had ever had the privilege to know
  • We talked about family dynamics and bridges burned and grudges held until the end
  • We reminisced, and predicted, and theorized, and discussed
  • We talked about money and religion, but we steered clear of politics for once
It was just a night of really great conversation with my parents.

We live hundreds of miles and many hours from my parents.  These dinners do not happen often, and I cherish them when they do... but not every dinner together has wisdom, openness, and memories as the one last night.

Thank you, Lord for this time together. 

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